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KAKAW Fruto Ancestral

Flora María

Naming Campaña, Concepto Campaña, Fotografía, Dirección Creativa, Video, Contenido, Publicidad Digital

Creative & Art Direction: Ananda Chatillon, Veronica García, Mario Arvizu & Miguel Sandoval
Photo: Mario Arvizu & Guillermo Rodríguez
Audiovisual: Mario Arvizu & Efren Galvan
Concepto Campaña: Francia Padilla y Fatima Oñate
Graphic Design + Post: Carmen Salas
Publicidad Digital: Omar Robles

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Flora María is a Mexico based artisan who creates luxury jewelry focused around transcendent stories, inspired on social and ecological causes. Every jewel is made by an all female team of real artisans, bringing their creativity and knowledge to the table. Flora María reaches independent women, proud of their roots and culture, curious about the surrounding world, with a strong desire to bring identity as a symbol of their personality and seeking for accessories with a strong story to tell.

 For Kakaw – Fruto astral by Flora María, we developed a creative concept focused on the benefits and ancient divine value of Mexican cocoa beans, a gift from the earth connecting us with our roots and traditions stimulating the deepest emotions of our being. An ancient seed filled with the value of our culture and tradition.

 We took this concept to materialize a unique branding and photoshoot, carefully planned to tell the story of these pieces clearly and coherently. Taking the lighting, composition and styling as resources to enhance the aesthetically beautiful and detailed work on every jewel, having the Cocoa bean inspiration as the main character.  

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